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Titel:WBT World – Wide Open Resource for Learning and Development
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Herausgeber:Infinity ltd., Budapest, HU 
Auszeichnungs-text:WBT World – Web-based Trainers Wide Open Resource for Learning and Development www.wbtworld.net Project manager: Krisztina Soczó, Infinity Ltd. The project WBT World aims at creating the premises for improving the quality of the Internet-based courses at all levels, through: · developing powerful tools for web-based trainers’ competence improvement on both on technical and pedagogical skills · building a „wide open” virtual resource for WBT, where they can learn, share experiences, be continuously informed, updated and so on. WBT World intends to develop a flexible educational tool, supported by Internet and new ICT technologies that will enable web-based trainers to better use the information and instruction necessary for designing web-based courses. Through its informational content (in the concrete form of the best practices in eLearning at European level, articles and periodical reviews, presentation of new technologies in the field, etc.) the trainers have the possibility of continually updating their knowledge with the most recent findings in the field and of enriching their experience. The course packages, comprised in the platform, designed for the WBT specific needs, contribute to raise the opportunities for the continuous development of their competencies. On the other hand, the flexible and accessible character of the courses (organized on three difficulty levels) raise the chances for access in an ODL-specific instruction, for larger categories of teachers and trainers, bringing this way a significant contribution to diminish the differences between various institutions of education (schools, private universities vs. public universities) or between different areas of Europe. Furthermore, a self-developing, wide open virtual community of the WBT is accessible to any professionals who wants to share experience, place articles, present demo modules, correspond with persons sharing the same interests, etc, and that will certainly encourage creativity, initiative and competitive spirit in this top area. Through its existence, WBT WORLD aims at bringing a contribution to improving the web-based courses quality at European level, being in line with the EU politics and initiatives of stimulating the eLearning and specifically the web-based ODL learning system. In structuring the trans-national partnership, the partners’ work experience in spreading out European Community projects was taken into consideration. Thus, there have been included 10 institutions from 7 countries, where the Transilvania University from Romania took the role of the coordinator. Further partners were the University of Valladolid from Spain with university background; companies specialized in training and IT consultancy - Elite Training from Romania, Tempo from Czech Republic, Visiolink from Finland, European Centre for Educational and Training from Bulgaria, Ionian Technology from Greece and Infinity from Hungary - and consortiums of ECCA from Spain and the finnish WITEC – European network.  
Laudator:Krisztina Soczò, Budapest 
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