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Titel:GDF ILIASHungarian Adaptation of a Web Based L(C)MS with Users´ Manual Guide and Learning Modules
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Herausgeber:Dennis Gábor College, Budapest, HU 
Auszeichnungs-text:GDF ILIAS - Hungarian Adaptation of a Web Based L(C)MS with Users´ Manual Guide and Learning Modules LCMS Project managers: Attila Budai, Antónia Berecz, Dennis Gábor College The project aimed at: · supporting education by the adaptation of ILIAS into GDF ILIAS at the Dennis Gabor College of Information Technology (GDF); · fostering the utilization and recognition of ILIAS towards the Hungarian user community. To reach this purpose we designed: · the Hungarian language user interface with Hungarian language file, which needs to be continually updated and tested during version changes; · the Hungarian learning modules with glossaries, exercises, test, forums for getting to know and use the L(C)MS (on-line ILIAS courses); · sample courses, which help experimenting and using the system, so that students, teachers, mentors, leaders and experiments can get acquainted with the services of ILIAS. Adaptation of ILIAS´ Language Implementation, Creating the Hungarian Language User Interface ILIAS has been translated into 21 languages until now. The Hungarian adaptation is maintained by GDF. Our task is to elaborate the Hungarian user interface and documentation and keeping in touch with the development team of the University of Cologne. This does not mean only the translation of 5584 pieces of texts and sentences. Some of the technical expressions simply do not exist in Hungarian, e.g. Repository. Menu system needed to be tested and tailored to GDF processes. There are several differences between the English and Hungarian terms and Hungarian wide-spread terms have to be used, but if it is possible Hungarian words and terms are to be used everywhere. The right Hungarian expression had to be found just after starting using it. Development of the field is quick, technical expressions change. Lots of people work in the field, exchange thoughts. Not finding the right Hungarian expression at proper time, later it may be very difficult (see. e-mail, chat). One of the most important things in a software-system is to provide comfortable and suitable layout for users. One part of the layout is the text. Texts must be impressive and easy to understand. They must be Hungarian every time. This is our intention.  
Laudator:Krisztina Soczò, Budapest 
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