QUALIMEDIA 2006-2009
Project partners

In the framework of the activities which have been realized, the individual project partners focussed their activities in particular on the following tasks

Coordinator Berlin:
Focus: Quality standards for didactic multi media products for Euro-cultural education and blended learning in Europe, systematization and promotion, chairing the attendance of the Internet data bank; realization of a forum for further education in Berlin (07.-10.06.2007).

Project partner Maribor/Slovenia:
Focus: Possibilities, perspectives and limits of teaching technology in adult education; realization of a workshop in Maribor (14. - 18.12. 2006); institution and editorial attendance of the transnational Internet forum.

Project partner Athens/Greece:
Focus: Sociol scientific and socio political framing as a foundation for integrated quality models of mult media produktions and programsn; realization of a workshops in Athens (15.-19.03.2007).

Project partner Amsterdam/The Netherlandse:
Focus:  Media competence for adults in the network of the multi media offer and blended learning for European citizens in the information society as an educational space; Realization of a workshop in Amsterdam (12. - 16.10 2006) and of a new project meeting (July 2007).

Project partner Vienna/Austria:
Focus: International  state-of-art in media didactcs and media pedagogy; Realization of an evaluative seminar, an evaluative forum and a quality and further education forum in Vienna (28.06.-01.07.2007).

Project partner Budapest/Hungary:
Focus:Conditions and requirements of quality concepts concerning the practical application in professional and extra-professional adult education; realization of a workshop in Budapest (26.-30.4.2007).